Customer Care Manager - REMOTE

  • Full-time
  • $50k-$75k/mo
  • 3 months ago
Customer Support

Elevate Educational Experiences with Exceptional Service

At MasteryPrep, we blend customer service excellence with educational technology to profoundly impact student success. As our Customer Care Manager, you will lead the charge in providing seamless and supportive interactions with our products and services. Your role is crucial in guiding a team that delivers outstanding support to educators and students, embodying our commitment to making education accessible and impactful.
In this vital position, you will develop a team of agents skilled in offering top-tier customer service, resolving issues swiftly and empathetically. Your technical acumen and customer service expertise will be key in fostering an environment where every inquiry is an opportunity to bolster trust in MasteryPrep's mission. You'll ensure that our Customer Care Team operates with efficiency and empathy, making our experience more attainable and enjoyable for our customers.
Your leadership will not only enhance our product support system but also play a significant part in leveling the playing field in education. With a focus on proactive and responsive service, you will help MasteryPrep meet educators and students where they are, providing crucial support exactly when it's needed.
Responsibilities will include:
  • Lead the Customer Care team, setting and maintaining high customer service standards.
  • Provide coaching, training, and ongoing evaluation to drive excellence in performance.
  • Generate and analyze reports to monitor team productivity and key performance metrics.
  • Drive customer advocacy through process improvement initiatives and feedback implementation.
  • Actively contribute to the weekly "Customers are Forever" meeting, providing progress updates.
  • Collaborate across departments to implement best practices for comprehensive customer service.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues and provide guidance to customers on product features.
  • Analyze and report product malfunctions, ensuring internal databases are updated.
  • Monitor and address customer complaints, providing proactive assistance and support.
  • Share valuable insights and workarounds with team members to enhance product offerings.
  • Inform customers about new features and functionalities to maximize their product experience.
  • Ticket Management, Quality Assurance, and Escalation Handling:
  • Take ownership of Zendesk, ensuring effective utilization and administration.
  • Oversee ticket quality, quantity, monitoring, and improvement efforts.
  • Serve as the escalation point for complex customer issues, ensuring timely resolution.
  • Feedback Loop, Reporting, and Customer Education:
  • Follow up with customers to gather feedback and identify areas for service improvement.
  • Provide valuable customer feedback to internal teams for continuous improvement.
  • Assist in the development of Help Center content and other educational resources.