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Sembit Corp: Work from Home in Oregon as a Full Stack .NET Web Developer Contract


(Portland, OR)

Enjoy coding, but also enjoy talking to business users? Want to report to a manager you can respect technically? Like the idea of working from home in Oregon with a team distributed around the Portland area? If so, read on!

A little about us:

  • We are Sembit – a small Oregon-based consulting firm. We’re a team of 12 diverse developers living in Oregon, mostly in the Portland area.
  • We focus on project-based contract work. We focus on specific-duration, greenfield development projects. While we sometimes do open-ended hourly work for clients, it’s not the norm.
  • We work for clients of varying size. We have clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to smaller Portland-based companies. In general, though, we focus more on the Enterprise end of the spectrum.
  • We really, really care about employees. We will treat you how we want you to treat us: with respect and friendliness. We won’t waste your time, and we won’t micro-manage you.

A little about you:

  • You have 5+ years experience writing software (8+ preferred). You have the right instincts for how to write good code.
  • You have 3+ years using C# / ASP.NET / JS for web development. You know HTML, CSS, and Javascript well. For example, you have experience with CSS float positioning and associated browser idiosyncracies, you know how various HTML tags are rendered, and you have experience using JQuery and DOM manipulation beyond just form validation. You can take a PNG mockup from a graphic designer and match it exactly using HTML and CSS. Experience in Angular helpful.
  • You have strong SQL database skills. Ideally, you’ve written and tuned very complex reporting queries with multiple subqueries and 10+ tables in the join clause. Since you’re full-stack, you’ve modified the database layers as you coded against the UI. You’ve likely done some integration work as well.
  • You know how to collaborate online. You’ve used Jira (or a similar tool) in the past, and you know your way around distributed version control. You can write email, interact with customers on the phone, and can explain things clearly. You take notes during meetings and you track your action items carefully. You’re happy using IM, VOIP, screen-sharing, and other online collaboration tools.
  • You are reliable and know how to be successful working from home. Since we’re not sitting there micro-managing you, you have to be able to manage your own time well. You stay focused on your work, and are available during business hours. (We do have an office that some of us work from, if you prefer that environment.)
  • You enjoy working with capable people. Want to work with someone who has well over 10,000 hours of direct, high-intensity experience coding C#/.NET? Check! Want to work with someone who maintains a Go driver for a major DBMS? Check! Want to track your time to bill clients using a streamlined, custom-built app? Check! Want to work with someone who is building experimental demo applications on Android for ARM-based systems? Check!

Come check us out at Our interview process is friendly and painless. Send us your resume – we look forward to talking to you!

Job Perks: two weeks paid time off per year, annual bonus


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  • Date Posted: Posted 4 weeks ago
  • Expiration date: November 1, 2017
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Job Title: Sembit Corp: Work from Home in Oregon as a Full Stack .NET Web Developer
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